We offer a comprehensive, tailored, services and web solutions to overcome current and future challenges in the financial markets.



Each aspect of decision making is taken into account on its own and as part of the overall process. Through a specific for wealth managers created CRM tool we can help you support proactively all stages of your work.


  • CRM & sales support
  • Full onboarding process
  • Legal and regulatory compliant
  • Research & Investment information
  • Ofice management
  • more…

Become a

Compliance Professional

We make reduce your effor on compliance tasks by combining data with information and logic. ADDFIN Wealth hemps you out of the box to cover the following issues:


  • Identification and digital client on-boarding
  • Risk-profiling of your client
  • Compliance – checklists
  • Offer compliance workflows
  • PEP Check / PIB Informationen
  • Automated compliance forms and reports
  • Audit-Tracking (change-log)


With ADDFIN WEALTH, professional investors like independent asset managers benefit from a unique, web-based information and transaction platform that enables them to deal with the current and future challenges in a safe, efficient and client-focused way


The Addfin Application an intuitive web-based service solution, that is specially designed for professional investors, that expect an institutional standard though their entire investment and working process.



Addfin Service supports the professional investors in the management and implementation of the daily workflow. Parts or the entire work process from the front-, middle- and backoffice can be delegated and outsourced to Addfin Service.


Addfin Academy delivers profound, up-to-date knowledge transfer that professional investors need in this dynamic environment. The topics include coverage of compliance and investment issues plus related areas such as legal or economic interests.

Solution for wealth managers

We deliver tools, services and training

Solutions for family offices

Advanced CRM solutions to track more than only wealth relationships

Financial services

We take care to your back office so you can concentrate on your clients

Financial Information

We offer you financial information from SIX Financial Information and FUNDINFO

Financial Training

We offer financial training for todays wealth managers


All our sevices can be hosted on-premise. We offer different possibilities and levels of hosting and security. You data secure!

Become efficient with ADDFIN WEALTH


ADDFIN Wealth, the new digital private banking solution.
Helps you manage your office, your clients and grow your business, taking care of compliance out of the box.

Main features

  • CRM & Sales support
    • Legal and regulatory compliant
    • Research & Investment information
    • strategy-selection through Institutional standards
    • Portfolio Simulations
    • Benchmarking
    • Trading list
    • Connections to external portfolios
  • Compliance
    • Identification
    • Risk-profiling
    • Compliance – Checklists
    • Compliance Workflows
    • Compliance Documentation
    • PEP Check / PIB Informationen
    • Automated generation of compliance forms and reports
    • Audit-Tracking (change-log)
  • Portfolio Management
    • Banking-interfaces
    • Consolidation
    • Transactionlists
    • Fee-transparency
    • Reporting
    • Portfolio simulation
    • Benchmarking
    • Finance feeds
  • Financial Information
    • FundInfo documentation
    • SIX FInancial Information
      • Products
      • Indexes
      • Currencies


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